Fourth of July

Bluebird Days

Utah is tinderbox dry these days and so yesterday’s Fourth of July festivities lacked the fireworks I so love and look forward to. However, it wasn’t all bad since I got to spend the night up at Bear Lake on the Utah/Idaho border and I genuinely wish I’d had more time up there. Bear Lake is stunningly blue and beautiful and seeing as Utah is a land-locked state it was the closest I’ve come to spending the Fourth on a beach. After blowing up my floaty device I allowed the sun and the water and the sounds of water recreation lull me into a vacation-like trance until dinner.

Due to our lack of rain we had to rely on the kindness of others to cook our steak and corn on the cob dinner since open fires and charcoal briquettes are banned in the state of Utah. Our campsite hostess was…

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