Hey , Can i Borrow You For A Sec ?!!

The girl in tight shoe

Be yourself. Be yourself . Be yourself .

This is usually the answer to  most of our inquires. Yet those who gave this advice cant explain further how to actually be oneself.

Years ago i tried to follow that piece of advice and go find myself. That was in the midst of my rebellious teenage years , so finding myself consisted mainly of too much loud music , piercing and saying no to any order. Now that my mind has changed abit , i don’t think that that was the correct road to being me. But the mystery yet continue , how can anyone be oneself.

Being oneself turned actually to be the easiest thing to do. I can almost hear some of you saying how. The answer is simple enough.

” throw away your mask  ”

”huuuh! mask ! what mask! ” . The mask here , dear readers, is the one we unconsciously wear while…

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