Weekend Special: “Brave” review and the Virtual Oval Office


Hello friends, today I’m combining Virtual Friday and Media Saturday. First off, there’s a great replica of the Oval Office in SecondLife. They did a good job on it. You can click the pic for a larger version.

Visit the virtual Oval Office in SecondLife at: Visit Sialimonus (203, 233, 72)

Secondly, we went to see the movie “Brave” and we loved it. The movie is a beautiful tale of parent and child learning to accept each others differences and love each other no matter what. There are two issues that may bother parents. First, there is magic. Second, there is very mild violence.

(Pic removed in case of copyright issues)

“Brave” is a Disney-Pixar film about a red-haired Scottish princess named Merida. It takes place in the 10th century. Merida is an arrow shooting tom-boy. Her mother Queen Elinor wants her to be a proper princess. Mother and daughter…

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