Peut-être Magazine – Issue 4 out now!

What better way to introduce myself as contributor to J’adorais, than to share with you all about Peut-être Magazine?

If you know and love Lula magazine, imagine a less girly, more couture, grown up yet still romantic version of it, and you will have Peut-être in a nutshell, an incredible ‘magazine’ I am involved with, as a Fashion and Lifestyle Writer, as well as Editor.  Filled to the brim with stunning photographs by French photographer Nathalie Malric (also Peut-être‘s Creative Director and Editor in Chief) in its over 200 pages (the latest issue reaching almost 300 pages!), each issue is closer to a book than a magazine, not only in its volume, but also with the dimensions of the beautiful images contained within it, allowing you to appreciate each intricate detail.  From exclusive ‘Behind the Scenes’ photography (including breathtaking Haute Couture shows), to interviews with designers, models, and artistes…

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